Winner of the 2022 Urban Developer Institute of Australia (Vic) Award for High Density Development.

Architectural Vision

MAB and renowned architects Six Degrees began the design process by asking what makes the world’s greatest places truly special. Inspiration came from the bursting energy and character of vast metropolises such as New York and Barcelona, which reward both visitors and locals with rich variety at every turn.

Escala is the Spanish word for ‘scale’ and the architecture embraces this concept by creating a journey of discovery through grand public spaces, light-filled corridors and abundant amenity.

Combining global influences with a uniquely Melbourne flavour, Escala draws inspiration from the maritime history of the Docklands. It is brought to life with a finely detailed palette of brickwork, stone, stained glass and lush gardens.

“Central to the success of the scheme is the level of detail lavished in various components of the project.”

Urban Design, City of Melbourne

A natural
meeting point

The piazza is central to Escala’s community life. An oasis bathed in sunshine, this is a convenient and social place to meet friends at any time of day for a coffee, or a glass of wine at night under a glorious Jacaranda tree.

As well as a gathering place, the Piazza is a prominent forecourt providing access to the residential lobby. The stained glass windows in the morning light cast colourful hues over the lobby lounge area, while the natural materials convey a sense of timeless elegance.


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